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A Quick Game of Catch Up with Devinity: What I’ve been doing and what I hope to be doing in 2017

Well, we’re two months into the new year and I haven’t seen you all since I posted my best of 2016 list back in January. The closest I’ve come to cosplay and geekdom this year is sitting in a room while a bunch of people made steampunk Sailor Moon cosplays while I wrote up a lab report for my microbiology class.

Well, I did buy Neil Gaiman’s new book “Norse Mythology.” I haven’t started it yet as I’m currently reading “I’ll be damned” by Eric Braeden (Victor Newman on the soap opera “The Young and the Restless”).

So life has really been work, school, endless exhaustion, Trump-related frustration and cats. Today the cats got high. It was cute. Catnip makes everything better I think.

Yet good things are around the corner. Geek things. Movie geek things.


Yes, I am ridiculously excited for the Power Rangers movie. I can’t say I’m a Power Rangers fan and I doubt the shows are even watchable anymore. Power Rangers seems like something that only appeals to kids and adults suffer through it. But man, did my brothers and I ever love the classic series with Jason, Billy, Kimberly, Trini, Zack and Tommy. We had the merch, we saw all the movies, we pretended to be them. Pink was my favourite colour as a kid so Kimberly was my favourite. Youngest brother liked red so his was Jason and I don’t remember younger brother’s fave. Probably Zack? Yellow was his favourite colour at the time but yellow was a girl so it wasn’t Trini. And yes, we were the type of kids that picked our favourites on their gender. That’s the other reason Kimberly was my favourite. Although we all liked Billy and Zack.

So this new movie has some of that nostalgia kick to it. I also just want to see Bryan Cranston as Zordon. It looks like it’s going to be a good movie though. It seems like it’s going to be silly and fun and yet more serious than its source material.

I’ve ended up on a bit of a geek kick with the British royal family lately. Netflix had the “Victoria” film with Emily Blunt up. I find Victoria fascinating. There’s no real reason for it. I think it just comes down to the fact that Victoria was on the throne when Sir John A MacDonald and a bunch of other politicians went over to England to ask that Canada be allowed to be its own country. But the stuff in this movie was fascinating and I spent most of it on my phone, on Wikipedia, looking the stuff that was happening in the movie up. Like, Victoria was raised in isolation and wasn’t allowed any friends. Her mother and her mother’s advisor wanted Victoria’s power so they tried to make her weak and dependent on them. If you know anything about Queen Victoria then you know she was an incredibly stubborn and strong woman. I wonder was kind of domineering force she would have grown up to be if her mother tried to build her up instead of tear her down.

I haven’t been much involved in the geek community itself though. I have been living a self-contained life. Sci-Fi on the Rock is coming up in April and I still haven’t heard back about hosting any speed dating panels. I mean, I’d understand if they said no. I insult them at every opportunity. But I still deserve a rejection notice. I could also be rejected because I want to host three sessions and that may be troublesome to fit into the schedule if there’s a lot of panel requests.

Still, it was a few months ago that I sent in the application and other people know if they have panels going ahead. I’ll look into it.

I need to think of panels for Avalon Expo in August as well. It’s probably going to be three sessions of speed dating but I’d like to do something else as well. Not Romantically Apocalyptic because I’m still mortified about how the last one went over.

Well, thanks for reading my ramblings on my geek activities this year so far. Hopefully we’ll see some substantial stuff come March. Maybe a Powers Rangers review?



PS. What do you think I should do for a panel? Leave me a comment!

PSS. I bought the material for my goddess of death and suicide original character thing. Now for someone to tell me what to do.