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Devinity’s Top 16 of 2016


  1. HBO’s Westworld. I just love this fucking show
  2. Melanie Martinez’s Cry Baby album
  3. Sephora custom make-overs. I love the looks I had for Avalon Expo and Halloween
  4. Accidently stalking/meeting Eugene Simon (Lancel Lannister)
  5. Getting first place overall at the Steampunk Showcase (something I don’t completely understand haha)
  6. Making a music video with photographer Ashley Harding, youtuber Swarley Pilgrim and various others
  7. Escape Quest and Breakout NL. I just love escape rooms
  8. Cats. Will my cats ever not be a high light of my year? Nah
  9. Another excellent Romantically Apocalyptic photoshoot with my friends and fave photographer
  10. Ouch! Productions open mike show. I love people’s embarrassing stories
  11. Easter frappes at Starbucks
  12. My speed dating panel at Avalon Expo went off really well (although there were hiccups galore)
  13. Girls weekend at SFOTR/Sheraton Hotel
  14. Rock of Ages came to the Arts and Culture Center
  15. It’s been an excellent year for collecting new makeup products. Very pleased with the Swamp Queen pallet by Tarte Cosmetics and youtuber Grav3yardgirl
  16. Basically getting through a shitty year and ending it with fireworks and Krampus and apple pie liqueur

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Devinity and Cosplay: An anniversary piece

Jesus Christ. My one year anniversary of my first post was two days ago (maybe three by the time I post this). It’s also been about seven years since that eventful winter when girlpuck told me that she was going to Paris and I was inspired to finally look up the dates for Anime North. Knowing the girls and me, February was probably when we started booking things.

It’s been very eventful at times writing these blogs and at other times inconsistent. I am an inherently lazy person so I’m not the best at updating these things. I also don’t get too much feedback and that does not help. I need outside motivators. At the same time, I probably shouldn’t be encouraged. So many people were upset about what I had to say on Sci-fi on the Rock. At first, my feelings were bruised. But as I got more negative feedback I found it was hilarious. I wanted to come up with worse things to say… and now I understand why people become trolls. It’s actually fun. (By the way, I will be at SFOTR this year. I swore that I’d never pay to go again and then I won the free pass at the Merry Geekmas craft sale. The irony is not lost on me). Still, that April post was the most response invoking post I’ve ever written. It received several hundred more hits than anything else I wrote. As such, I’m never not going to bring it up. I’m still amazed people thought that I was implying that the committee didn’t try their best. What I was implying was something else unflattering.

Still, this year of blogging saw a lot of amazing things in our local cosplay community. Avalon Expo had many a flaw but it also showed so much potential. It was not a total disaster for one thing. That was a very real situation for a brand new, in-its-first-year convention. And yet it was pretty solid and fun. Most of the issues had to do with acoustics. But the vendors were actually visible. There was light! And there was also a playground, which had no bearing on the con but was still a lot of fun. In September, I also tried out my first costume contest at Atlanti-Con. The con scene was certainly small out in Corner Brook but there was still so much effort put into it. It was also clear how much people love the geek scene in Newfoundland as I recognised both vendors and guests from St. John’s. We as a group have to be dedicated if that many of us showed up to a convention on the opposite side of our little rock. The drive to Corner Brook is not an easy one to pull off in one day. I have never gotten con plague until Atlanti-Con and I am 100% sure that that is due to the fact that I have never spent so much time in a little car before. Flying at times is easier.

The biggest example of geeks getting together this past year has totally got to be when Ashley Harding created the St. John’s Super Heroes photo project. It was a photo project of one hundred super heroes of either original make or of borrowed design. Ashley actually got more than a hundred heroes and villains as some people went in groups. I really believed that she wouldn’t pull it off. I did not think that many people would even be interested. But they were. Never mind that I knew nearly half of them through the grape vine of our community. I got to do an amazing Lady Loki shoot with Ashley as well as getting invited back to participate in the finale. That time, I was an original villain called Pitcher Plant. The character and backstory was created by Ashley but I did the design based on what I had in my closet/could buy at Suzy Shier. By the way, if you have a keen eye, you may have noticed that Pitcher is wearing the Martha Jones jacket sold by Abbyshot. Honestly, I loved working with Ashley both times. My friends and I hired her recently to do a cosplay photo shoot of our Romantically Apocalyptic group. We had so much fun and I can’t wait to see the final images. That shoot is proof that Ashley has major patience as I have no posing skills, girlpuck couldn’t see, girlpuck’s boyfriend couldn’t hear and Mad Maddox had not mastered keeping us ducklings in check yet. Oh God, at one point Ashley was giving the bf (who needs a code name) directions that he could not hear and girlpuck was going and getting the bf to do them even though she was the one who couldn’t see.


I’m the very unnatural red head. All my fellow villain chicks had white hair. I never fit in anywhere I go ha ha.


Love cosplay? Work with Ashley Harding Photography.

I also had a lovely photoshoot with Sarah Hall Photography during this year of blogging as well. I can’t relate that much to our community as it was just the two of us but it was still a lot of fun. Then there was a free photoshoot that Anglia Photography did for the local cosplay community as a whole. I hadn’t worked with cosplay photographers before this year. The occasional snap by a pro at a convention or the booth set up by Philippe Photography doesn’t really count as they’re over in a few minutes. Although novices like girlpuck’s bf did a pretty decent job. Still, research and work with someone who’s actually doing some work in the field. It’s so much fun and the final results are worth it. Work with friends too. There’s a candidness to what they do. It doesn’t hurt that I’m an attention whore and love being in front of the camera though.


The group that showed for the Anglia shoot. I’m classic Catwoman.


I honestly don’t know how interesting these blogs are or if anyone finds them helpful. Certainly, my readers now know that I’m a crazy person who either passionately loves or passionately hates things. I am rarely in-between. Unless it’s steampunk. Which I still attempt and which I still do not get. And I won prizes at the Steampunk Showcase people. Go figure.

I’ve invested a lot of time, effort and money into cosplay. My friends and family have invested in my cosplay (and I theirs). I believe I’ve made it clear why. What I may not have made clear is why I bother with these blogs. I use to write. I use to write a lot. I have an original series, I use to write poetry, I wrote shorts and I spend a solid chunk of my lifetime on fanfiction. And then I stopped. Why? What muses dried up and died? I still read a lot and yet I don’t read as much as I used to. There seems to have been a falling out between me and the written word. I do not like it. The point of this blog series is, more than anything, to keep me writing. I suppose the means that writing these things has really just been about me shouting whatever I want into the abyss. Words are beautiful and powerful and deserve to be used. Written language is something that is so amazing and awful that it goes beyond my comprehension. I think everyone needs to write. It doesn’t even have to be good. After all, many highly successful authors have written garbage. Thus, this blog is exercise. It’s an exercise of the mind and the spirit. Cosplay and the convention scene simply happens to be the topic because this world of geekdom takes up so much of my life, love and energy. And maybe cosplay is the topic because it’s something that can be shared.

Let’s hope I’m still writing come next February.