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Devinity’s Favourite Beauty Products

I adore makeup. It’s something I use on an almost daily basis and am constantly buying. It’s gotten to the point that they know me at the local Sephora. Makeup is also an important tool in creating the perfect cosplay look. Eyeshadow can be used to create alien skin tones, foundation and concealer can create the flawless skin of literally any fictional character and mascara and hairspray can be used to create stubble on a female cosplaying a male. So I thought that I would go through my favourite makeup products for May’s blog.

  1. Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

I love lipstick. It’s my absolutely favourite cosmetic item. I have almost every shade with only yellow excluded (I’m the wrong skin tone for it). I match my lipsticks to my clothes to the point that I always wear blues or aquas with my blue work dress and blacks, greys, crimsons or dark purples with anything that looks even slightly goth. And lipstick is an important player in cosplay because some characters have unusual skin tones. I’d much rather use a proper lipstick on my lips than costume paint. And my all-time favourite lipstick is Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick. It has a matte finish so it is drying. But it has a matte finish so it lasts all day long. And it comes in so many shades. I personally own shades in bright blue, black, light grey, two different types of crimson, red, pink, two types of purple, orange and a peachy pink that works as a nude on me. And there are more shades to come out this year. Gold shade I’m looking at you.


The collection so far


  1. Urban Decay Vice Special Effects Long-Lasting Water-Resistant Lip Topcoat

This product only has twelve shades on the market but they are amazing. They go on top of lipstick and change the shades of them. Most of the topcoats are tinted with colour and all have a sort of glitter in them. It creates an iridescent look. This is great for creating original looks. I paired a clear topcoat shade called Litter with a green-aqua lipstick one day and felt like a mermaid all day.


  1. Too Faced Sweet Peach Creamy Peach Oil Lip Gloss

In the vein of lip products let’s talk about Sweet Peach lip gloss by Too Faced. These lip glosses are tinted but I always found that lip gloss tint doesn’t really show up much. I like this product for when I cosplay men and need to have a more natural lip look. The gloss feels moisturizing and keeps the lips from looking dry and cracked. Also, the gloss is made from free peach oil so it smells and tastes delicious. I would recommend this product for people who don’t even enjoy makeup but want to keep their lips looking healthy.

  1. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water

If you have any experience with makeup past the basics of foundation, eyeshadow and lipstick then you know about your primers. There are your eye primers, your lip primers and your skin primers. The purpose of primers is to prep the skin before you put on makeup. Primers act as a sort of adhesive to help the makeup better stay on the skin. This also helps keep the makeup on the skin for extended periods of time. I’ve used the same eye and lip primers since I started getting serious in the makeup game but I’ve tried a lot of skin primers. And my favourite is the Photo Finish Primer Water by Smashbox. The primer is, given its name, a liquid. The bottle has a spray nozzle so you can spritz it all over your face. Then you just rub it in with your fingers into the skin. You could also use a makeup sponge I guess. But this stuff is so light weight and dries so quickly that I just like using my hands. The best part of its light weight formula is that it doesn’t feel like its clogging up the pores like some other primers.

  1. Tarte x Grav3yardgirl collab: Swamp Queen eye and cheek pallet with brush

This is my favourite eyeshadow pallet of all time. It has nine eyeshadow shades, a highlighter, a bronzer, a blush and a makeup brush. These are matte shades that are mostly neutrals with a couple of purples thrown in. Some are super shimmery. All are extremely pigmented. I haven’t really gotten to the blush as my cheeks are naturally pink anyway but I use the bronzer and highlighter as eyeshadows. If you’re cosplaying a character that has a smokey eye look but you prefer browns over blacks and greys or if you just want to look amazing then this is the pallet for you.

  1. Sephora Collection Solid Clean: Solid Brush Cleaner

Eventually you need to clean those makeup brushes. Bacteria can build up in the bristles and old makeup trapped in the brushes can change the look of what you’re applying to your face. The solid brush cleaner at Sephora is great. It’s a solid bar of soap and comes with a spikey silicon pad that you can rub your brushes over once you’ve dampened them and lathered them up with the soap. The pad helps remove makeup from the brush, adding an extra level of cleaning power. I literally tried it for the first time yesterday and was amazed at how clean my brushes came out. Almost all of them came out looking brand new.

  1. Olehenriksen Stay Balanced Oil Control Cleansing Clothes

So this product is actually a skin care product. But it’s one I bought at Sephora so into the list it goes. I got into this one when I was going to the gym and working out caused me to have super bad breakouts- my skin plus excess sweat are not friends. One of the Sephora sales girls recommended this to me when I came in to ask for solutions to my new gym going problem and I never had a bad workout related breakout ever again. You’re probably thinking “That’s dandy and all but how does it relate to cosplay?” Well, have you been to a big convention? They are hot. There’s so many people creating massive amounts of body heats, costumes don’t breathe and it’s usually a warmer summer or fall month. You are going to sweat. You are going to feel gross sometimes. These clothes will wick away the sweat leaving you feeling cleaner. They also have a cooling sensation so you’ll be refreshed. Unfortunately you can’t use this if you’re wearing makeup and aren’t ready to remove it yet. But if you are sweating and in full makeup you can invest in blotting paper or sponges. Those products absorb oil and grease which keeps your makeup from running. They don’t give a cooling sensation though.

So there you have it. My favourite beauty related products! What are yours?