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Devinity’s Top 16 of 2016


  1. HBO’s Westworld. I just love this fucking show
  2. Melanie Martinez’s Cry Baby album
  3. Sephora custom make-overs. I love the looks I had for Avalon Expo and Halloween
  4. Accidently stalking/meeting Eugene Simon (Lancel Lannister)
  5. Getting first place overall at the Steampunk Showcase (something I don’t completely understand haha)
  6. Making a music video with photographer Ashley Harding, youtuber Swarley Pilgrim and various others
  7. Escape Quest and Breakout NL. I just love escape rooms
  8. Cats. Will my cats ever not be a high light of my year? Nah
  9. Another excellent Romantically Apocalyptic photoshoot with my friends and fave photographer
  10. Ouch! Productions open mike show. I love people’s embarrassing stories
  11. Easter frappes at Starbucks
  12. My speed dating panel at Avalon Expo went off really well (although there were hiccups galore)
  13. Girls weekend at SFOTR/Sheraton Hotel
  14. Rock of Ages came to the Arts and Culture Center
  15. It’s been an excellent year for collecting new makeup products. Very pleased with the Swamp Queen pallet by Tarte Cosmetics and youtuber Grav3yardgirl
  16. Basically getting through a shitty year and ending it with fireworks and Krampus and apple pie liqueur