Lady Divinity Cosplay


Hi! I’m Devinity, a Canadian cosplay in her mid twenties. I have always adored costumes and I am the biggest Halloween aficionado out of everyone I know. However, I didn’t start cosplaying seriously until my first big con in 2010. That was when my girlfriends and I flew out to Toronto for Anime North. Since then, I’ve had quite the adventure.

Cosplay is my primary form of participating in fandom. I also write fanfiction off and on while spending too much of life on tumblr. I’m most likely to be found running around in  a Charles Snippy cosplay from the web comic “Romantically Apocalyptic.” I love sticking with the source material so genderbending or steampunking a costume is not my idea of fun. I cosplay both male and female characters.

I love movies, books and Barbie. My greatest loves are Batman, Star Trek: TOS, Kingdom Hearts, Romantically Apocalyptic, One Piece and Labyrinth.


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