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Prepping for Avalon Expo

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The summer convention scene is almost upon St. John’s once more and that means Avalon Expo 2 is just around the corner. This year will be a bit different from last year though. This year I’m hosting panels.

I’ve been to a decent number of panels through the years and my brother has helped with other panels but I personally have never actually been the host of one. So I’m giving it a try. One of my panels with be a speed dating event while the other will be an intro/discussion on the web comic Romantically Apocalyptic.

I’ve always wanted to check out a speed dating event but never had the chance. My girlfriends wouldn’t do one with me and then they got boyfriends- which is a really stupid reason to not do speed dating considering that we were on the main land and were never going to see those guys again regardless of whether or not we were single. Also, I don’t think I had met Mad Maddox’s bf at the time and as all women know if you have not met the boyfriend then the boyfriend is unimportant. Then I learnt that my friends didn’t know the rules of girlhood. That will be another topic I think- having “traditional” or “stereotypical” female qualities/values in a world where geekdom is traditionally non-feminine. But I digress. It turned out that I was never meant to speed date as the one time I had signed up for a session I had started my period and was in no mood to be nice to creatures that never knew the pain of menstrual cramps. (PS. Mad Maddox did end up with a stalker at one convention so that may also be a reason she does not want to speed date on the mainland.)

Which has led me to my very own speed dating event at Avalon Expo this August. I wanted the geek speed dating experience. I did not necessarily need to actually participate in speed dating however. Thus, I decided to create my own event. My brother John (whom you may know through his work on Swarley Pilgrim’s youtube channel) and I will be hosting a session with the hope of getting thirty participants- half men and half women. There’s no real rules over who’s eligible to attend so long as they are at least eighteen years old.

My other panel is on the web comic Romantically Apocalyptic. There will be special guest stars Zee Captain and Pilot there to help out. Although the panel is being hosted by Charles Snippy and Snippy has found that neither Captain nor Pilot are helpful at all. I’ve started to re-read the comics so that I’ll have the most accurate, up-to-date information to share with everyone.

Speaking of Romantically Apocalyptic, there’s an Indiegogo campaign by the ROMAC team to raise money for a new ROMAC book. This book is going to be Snippy’s Tour Guide training book. I’ve ordered the employee welcome guide which has the following description:

Deluxe, high-quality printed presentation box containing the coveted GOOD Directorate Employee Welcome Kit. Contents: Tour Guide Handbook, “I, ANNET” story-book, “Auditory Assistance Remastered” CD, and high quality print PLUS exclusive welcome letter, urgent departmental memoranda, employee key-pass, branded stationery and uniform pieces that must be worn by all budding Tour Guides (Oglesby, 2016).

This is something I’m really excited for and I can’t wait until October rolls around so that I can see all my goodies. Would anyone like to see me open it on camera in my Snippy cosplay?


What else is there to update everyone on? My cosplays for Avalon Expo are all completed. I have an original character prepared- a ruler of the dead type named Kisara- as well as Undertaker from Black Butler and Snippy from Romantically Apocalyptic. I’ve heard that there may be a steampunk fashion show so I have a few ideas in my head for what I’d wear to that. Although I do have one cosplay dilemma- what am I going to do about boots? My black boots are damaged but I need them for Undertaker. It’s the wrong time of year to buy boots but I also don’t want to pay a fortune for repairs when it’s only two teeth on the zipper that are damaged.

How goes your Avalon Expo prep? Are you cosplaying? What panels are you attending? Are you even hosting your own panels and what are the on? I’d love to know.





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