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Lady Devinity and the month of obsession

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I am that fan. The one that obsesses over everything. I have favourite pairings, I know a billion facts on whatever it is I’m obsessing over at the time, I research, I read fanfiction, and I despair over small fandoms. The only thing is that I am not the type to obsess over multiple fandoms. I am someone who switches between fandoms and rarely dabbles in more than one at any given time. I mean, I am constantly in love with Batman but that’s not something I dabble in the fandom for.

However, other than my immortal love of Batman, I haven’t been feeling the fangirl thing lately. I’ve been reading a lot of actual books lately but books don’t inspire the all-consuming search for fanfiction/fan art/fellow fan people that I can go on. I haven’t been hitting up Tumblr to see who enjoys author Alice Hoffman as much as I do after all. My shows haven’t been inspiring me lately and I just wasn’t able to think of things I wanted to cosplay.

And then a movie just came up out of nowhere, slapped me in the face, threw some unrelated music into the mix and now I’m obsessed fangirl Devinity again.

I forgot that I fall hard when I fall in love.

So what has inspired my renewed love in fandom? Alice Through the fucking Looking Glass. Yeah. The movie sequel to Tim Burton’s remake of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. I can’t even tell you if it was a good movie. All I know is I was on a date at a movie we chose last minute and while it’s starting to look like I’m not getting a real boy for a boyfriend, I suddenly have a new fictional bf.


Please can I have my life back? I can’t ride this obsession train forever.


Ah, nothing says obsessed fangirl type than falling hard for SOMEBODY FICTIONAL. Like seriously, what the hell is wrong with me? Anyway, the movie was okay. This Alice movie is not a masterpiece. Alan Rickman has very few scenes or lines- which obviously has to do with his untimely passing- and the Mad Hatter is not Johnny Depp’s best character. But then there is Time. I’m not even a Sacha Baron Cohen fan but I am all for his character in the film. Time hits one of my very, very favourite character story lines. Here’s a guy who seems like he could be a jerk but he’s actually not. He’s just a weird, lonely, magically immortal concept man who was minding his own business when some bratty kid shows up and pretty much ruins his life for the two hours or so of the movie. I don’t know why Time is being promoted as the villain in the trailers. From his point of view, Alice is the villain. From the audience’s point of view, Alice is a hero who doesn’t know the consequences of the situation she ends up in and Time is the poor sap who does know. I love that! The potential for story lines and fanfiction and everything is just so amazing!

And there’s almost no Time fanfiction! I’ve been dying here for over a week now waiting for people to fill the fandom void.

Anyway, now I have to design my cosplay life around this too. The Time cosplay I’m currently working on is a concept piece instead of an actual Time from the Alice movie. As time itself is an intangible concept we made up, my Time will be asexual. The costume may or may not be masculine in design with my obvious female-ness deliberately being utilized. The costume will be designed with the intention of matching with Mad Maddox Cosplay’s Red Queen. Although her Queen is inspired more by the original source material as well as her own flair, I wanted to do a Time to her Queen because I ship Time and Helena Bonham Carter’s Queen of Hearts.


This is Mad. I already regret the decision to pair myself with this. We are not on the same skill level.


On a side note, I really like concept costumes. When I was a kid I dressed up as the colour blue for Halloween. I was not a blue thing. I was literally the essence of blue. And I have a Goddess of Death and Suicide cosplay designed for some future convention that, while being called a god cosplay, is really more about the concept of death through mental illness. So my Time will be a tangible form of a concept.

I also have a new music obsession brought on by Alice through the Looking Glass. I was checking out trailers and then googling the movie itself after I had seen it. So YouTube picked up on my Alice searches and starting suggesting videos related to that. The lyric video I clicked on had nothing to do with the Disney franchise but did have an Alice theme- it was Melanie Martinez’s “Mad Hatter.” Martinez started popping up in places because “Cry Baby” and “Alphabet Boy” were both features on Music Video Sins. So I listened to “Mad Hatter” a crazy number of times because it fit my mood and then listened to the other songs. This really fits my world view. So now I’m obsessed with Martinez and I rushed out to buy her Cry Baby album and now I have every song memorized.


My new music girlfriend.


Martinez resonates with me more on a style level than on an Alice level. I love Lolita and the look of it. Martinez is dressed in Lolita fashion in all her videos. I love swear words, murder, death, mental illness and generally morbid themes. “Sippy Cup” is about a woman murdering her cheating husband and then offing the kids. Martinez is just the cutest looking (and sounding) young lady and then I listen to what she’s saying and it is the opposite of cute. She is this amazing juxtaposition between a girlie image and the way our often cruel world makes people lonely and bitter.

It would also be really easy to write some dark!Time fanfiction around her songs. Just saying.

What are your current obsessions?

Love Devinity.

PS. I’ll be at Avalon Expo this August. The girls and I are doing a group cosplay of the Shinigami (Willaim, Undertaker and Grell) from Black Butler and I’ll also have my original character Lady Kisara in tow. There will probably be Romantically Apocalyptic’s Snippy as well.

I’ll have two panels happening. My brother and I are organizing a geek themed speed dating session. I’ll also be hosting a Romantically Apocalyptic panel.

PSS. My current makeup obsession is Grav3yardgirl’s Swamp Queen pallet from Tarte Cosmetics.


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