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Down the Rabbit Hole with Avalon Expo

I have always wanted to support Avalon Expo and see it thrive. So when there was issues with my panels and then issues with my prop and then issues with the panel spaces and the fact that there was no one at the con and the fact that people were stressed the fuck out….


The advice I was given was to format this blog like a “Shit sandwich.” Which later had to be explained to me but the general premise is that you start off with the good, then give all the bad and then end on a positive. I spent all of Friday and Saturday saying to friends, “What am I going to write about? This is a dud!”

And then Sunday happened and wow. It wasn’t boring anymore.

I’m going to break this down into three sections: the good, the bad and the “WTF wait until the girls at work hear about this.”

The Good

  1. Mile One is huge and really works as a space for vendors. There was plenty of room so everyone can look around without getting in each other’s way. This was especially nice when my high heels had to come off and I was walking around in bare feet. I didn’t have to worry about being stepped on.
  2. The guests! It was a little disappointing that Sean Gunn had to back out but that happens at a lot of conventions. Work comes first, especially when there’s a contract involved. But the guests that did make it were amazing. Colin Baker, the sixth actor to play the titular Doctor Who was present as was Rene Auberjonois of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. And while the English dub of Sailor Moon doesn’t hold up for me so many people were ecstatic to meet the VAs for Sailors Moon and Mars. I got an autograph from Colin Baker and he was very sweet.
  3. Sarah Hall Photography. Myself and girlpuck had booked a photoshoot with her. I was Sha Gojyo and girlpuck was Cho Hakkai, both from manga series Saiyuki. Sarah’s a lot of fun to work with and our photos turned out so good that Sarah actually managed to save the con for me. I would have thrown it into the garbage entirely but she made me so happy. Go book her for photos!
  4. I got really good feedback about my speed dating panels. I had one for opposite gender/sex orientated people and one for same gender/sex orientated people. I had to cancel the same gender/sex one due to lack of attendance but those that did come were really helpful. I also had a panel on Neil Gaiman and his use of mythology that went well. I even had a copy of his book Norse Mythology that I gave away in a, well, giveaway.

Me and the prop that was somehow baseball bat like and deadly


The Bad

  1. I had sent in my panel applications a long, long time ago. In fact, it was the first day that applications opened (I can’t remember if that was late May or early June). And I waited. And I waited. And I waited. I finally started to reread Gaiman’s American Gods but then I stopped. Because it was the end of July. And then it was an entire week of August gone. Obviously my panels had not been approved. And then it was August the 11th and I was told that my panels had been approved. The con was in two and a half weeks. And I was in the middle of giving the university my blood, sweat and tears- literally in the case of the blood as I had to have titers done so that I could prove to the school of nursing that I had resistance to hepatitis and chicken pox. I was waiting to hear back about a loan. I was stressed. And then there was this last minute addition to my schedule. Anyway, I didn’t know what panels were being approved but the convention schedule would be out soon and then I’d know. But it wasn’t out soon. So on the 17th I finally emailed Avalon Expo to ask what they had approved. Did I have a separate panel scheduled for the gay men and a separate panel for the gay ladies or was it the one panel? What about Neil? Also, I did not book the time off for the convention because I didn’t think it was approved. And by the time I did get approval my work schedule was out. But there was no answer by the 20th, which is when I sent out email number 2. This email was a little salty. The schedule came out on the 22nd, the con started on the 25th, I finished my Sunday shift at work at noon, the exact same time my Gaiman panel started and not one email had been answered. So I sent a facebook message. That got a response. The Gaiman panel got pushed to 3 and I had no time to promote the speed dating panels. So there was little to no turnout. Avalon Expo’s excuse for not answering emails? “Sometimes emails are wonky.” Yeah, no. Not so wonky that you couldn’t answer either one. Fuck that excuse. I’m still mad about that excuse.
  2. Mile One is terrible for panels! Avalon Expo is terrible for panels! If you remember my post last year about Avalon Expo then you know that my speed dating panel and Swarley Pilgrim’s Harry Potter panel were moved around three times until we both ended up in the cafeteria. Speed dating, an embarrassing thing, in a public cafeteria. And this year I was set up in a hallway right next to the concessions. So I’m supposed to be hosting speed dating sessions why people are sat around me eating poutine. The panels were all out in very public places and no portable soundproofing was set up so it was extremely difficult to hear. I get that panelists get in for free and vendors pay for their tables. So vendors are more important. But they’re not so important that you can completely disregard the panelists entirely. Some people like going to panels. I like going to panels but I can’t do that if I can’t hear what’s being said.
  3. I was physically ill for all of convention Saturday because the shit organization on the panels stressed me out so bad. I do not have anxiety nor any mental illnesses but poor organization can trigger me. I admit to having OCD tendencies.
  4. I brought a prop weapon on the first day. No metal, all wood. It was basically a staff with wooden blades on either end. It was extremely lightweight and the staff part was made with a dowel. It would never break a weapon check policy. It was confiscated for two hours because the handle wasn’t hollow. Where the fuck do you buy hollow wood dowels? They argued it was because it was like a baseball bat and those weren’t allowed it. It was not like a baseball bat. Bats aren’t lightweight, they wouldn’t break if you cracked it over someone’s head and they are made for swinging. The prop was returned after two hours because someone else told the girls it was fine and they needed to be consistent. They also were still waiting on the weapon policy to actually arrive. So they didn’t know what they were at. Mad Maddox told me she saw people with croquet mallets so she thought it was weird my flimsy dowel wasn’t allowed. Also, I had only been there for two hours but the con was open for four. Where was the weapon policy? When it was finally posted on facebook I was able to confirm that I had followed all the rules.
  5. Barely anyone showed. The con was on the go at the same time as two major concerts so the attendance wasn’t there.
  6. I can’t go into details because I don’t want to name my very reliable source but I know on the first day of the con a guest wasn’t being properly looked after. The volunteers did the best they could but they couldn’t get a hold of anyone with any authority to give them permission to do what needed to be done.
  7. There were other mistakes in the schedule and panels were scheduled that the listed panelist never actually applied for and thus didn’t know about.

The WTF Stuff

  1. Someone created a fake twitter account before the con started just to slander Avalon Expo. Some people think it’s the chair of Sci-fi on the Rock, some think it’s a random asshole. Whoever you are, why the effort? Also, buy a dictionary. You don’t know how to spell words.
  2. The head of Avalon Expo went missing- he later turned up safely but there was a missing person report and everything. We were all very worried. He posted on his own facebook page that he took a fall and lost his phone but no formal explanation has been released to the public.
  3. There’s no money. Some very kind people stepped up and paid the guests’ hotel room bills but none of the guests have had their fees paid and Mile One hasn’t been paid. This I learnt on the Avalon Expo facebook page and was posted by the acting head of Avalon Expo when the actual head went missing.
  4. Avalon Expo was declared dead forevermore but now their cover photo says “entr’acte” which means intermission. So, is AvEx dead forever or will it return in the future? Cause the promoter’s reputation is probably ruined outside of the local geek scene.
  5. People were rude to Rene Auberjonois on twitter when he complained about not getting paid and calling the promoter sleazy. Like, if you don’t pay me then I’m after you. I don’t care why you didn’t pay me. So give Auberjonois a break. He’s in his right to be angry and he was still extremely gracious towards the volunteers and the fans in his tweets.
  6. The media liaison put his foot in his mouth and accidently insulted the acting head on facebook. That was deleted before I had a chance to screen shot it and show it to all my friends.
  7. “Emails are sometimes wonky.” Things that Devinity is still salty about for 500.

It was in the news and on twitter so I guess it’s okay to link you all to an article on what happened. I figure anyone reading this is from my area of the world anyway and knows all about it. But if you’re not then here’s the link.

A Side Note to Sci-Fi on the Rock


I still don’t like you. But I admit that you have improved in the last two years. And as far as I know you’ve never run out of money and failed to pay people. So I shall back off and stop saying shit about you on the internet just to get a reaction.

In Conclusion,

The convention was a dud before the controversy started and there were a lot of issues. I don’t feel valued as a panelist considering this is the second year I’ve had an issue with Avalon Expo. And while I love having all the drama to talk about at work it’s something I don’t need in a community I’m only part of for fun.

So I’m cutting myself out of it. I’ll only go to SFOTR if a guest that I totally must meet is going. Avalon Expo is in a weird limbo plane at the moment but its dead for me. I’ll still be at the Victoria day picnics with the steampunk group (they still provide stress free fun) and I’ll still do cosplay photo shoots. But it’s time to leave the local geek community.

The next two years of my life are going to be dedicated to school. I’m starting fast track nursing in a week’s time and that will take up most of my life. I’ll see what the geek scene looks like when I crawl out of the hospital with my hard earned degree.

But I still want a fucking explanation about what happened last weekend.

I love you all,


Ps. But I especially love you right now Sarah. Seriously, you saved my entire weekend with those amazing photos.

Pss. Some people have been saying that the con was a success- really? Anyway, if you had a good time at AvEx then leave a comment down below! What did you like? Was it the guests? The space? The proximity to downtown? Just hanging with your fellow geeks and freaks? The cosplays? I’d love to know. I could use some positive vibes.


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Random bit of poetry today

So I, in my infinite wisdom, missed the deadline for the AvEx scholarship application. I’m going back to school so I have a variety of due dates and updates and so forth to keep track of and I got them mixed up. It’s by no means a big scholarship so its not the end of the world and I never win shit anyway.

Anyway, AvEx (or Avalon Expo) is a local geek convention here in my city and the scholarship asked for a piece of original and creative art as well as a short essay. I never wrote the essay but I thought I’d share the fiction piece I did. It’s a free verse poetry kind of thing. Enjoy.


Part One – Illyria

She was tragic beauty

My child

My only


It was rain what stole away mine

It wasn’t hers


Illyria was rain

And a constant sort of pain

She was never flesh

Never of blood

Illyria was place, not person

Yet she was alive

That I could not deny her

For she was indeed “her”

And not the unhuman “it”

Of most places

And Illyria was no mother

No child came of her womb

Only eternal rain




You stole her

Mine- the babe was mine

Illyria, were you woman

You’d be theif!

Stolen that which wasn’t yours to take

My own blood, my truest love,

                My darling little one

What did you offer her?


You could have nothing to tempt her

What good is rain without any sun

It is just another kind of drowning


Who could escape that?

My innocent babe, not her

                Never her


Give me back mine



Illyria and her days of thunder

Had long failed to faze the locals anymore

The women moved the homesteads to the borderlands

And to the sun lands

The men built aqueducts and thanked Illyria

So she wouldn’t flood what lives the people reclaimed


The visitors to the area

Stay near the borderlands and avoid the old town

As if Illyria was a plague horse, contagious in her spite,

Ready to hurl lightning down on anyone fool enough

To step on her fields


It had neared on the end of forever

When the women voted to leave Illyria

Just as it seemed to take forever

For the sick and the old to die

Illyria was strange in her temperaments

Rain was life’s blood and cold death hand in hand

She’d take a young man fast

And leave the ones who managed to slip into a late age

To linger


How so many managed to live so long

With bodies and no souls

Was a true born mystery


And in the watered down, ashy fire

Born like a true mystery herself,

Was Seraphina

Her beauty undeniable, her eyes the colour of rain

Men would have conquered entire worlds for her

Had she only asked them to

Women of envious natures only ever adored her

Religious leaders and prophecy makers

May have seen the birth of God in her


But crops and children do not grow well in drowned soil

So the women moved the homesteads and the men built the aqueducts

The tourists did not entire the town proper

Seraphina came with them

For a little while anyway

And when she finally flowered

She packed her bags, left her mother,

And came home to Illyria

Part Two – Ghost Stories 

I knew her once, long ago

                She must have only reached as high as my knees

                Claimed the old man


I thought I’d seen her recently

                But it may have been just my imagination

                Commented the grocer’s wife


Seraphina is such a pretty name, an angel’s name

                But no one here would dare name a child that

                It’s a cursed name now, a rain name

                Said the washer woman


She was such a sweet thing before Illyria stole her

                Now we rarely see her, now we barely know her

Admitted every boy that had ever tried to kiss her


And children crept out into the night

Mothers called them home

The suppers had been put on the tables

The lights had been lit

And still I longed for a girl that I had only heard of in ghost stories



Illyria is nothing but fields

A few empty houses


And the houses were desolate

And the fields were mud

What grass managed to grow was thin and yellow


How could one ever survive here alone

Was a mighty question

Where would a ghost child eat

Where did she sleep

And did ghost girls dream

Of the boys they’d like to take between their thighs

And maybe ghost girls did none of these things


Maybe that ghost was really just another rotting corpse

On a half flooded kitchen floor

Part Three- The Rainstorm 

The old farmer has never told anyone of that night when a young girl,

Barely sixteen, wandered onto his land in search of cool rain water

She had haunting pale eyes and a rounded belly


She had noticed him staring and said,

An accident yes, but no mistake

                I have no regrets

                And although I may be young

                I am no fool

                My mother has laid claim to all I have ever tried to own

                My identity, my faith, my dreams

                She’d take my unborn girl and leave me nothing

                So I’m going to Illyria


She begged him not to tell

And he made her promise to come back to him when the babe’s time was near

Aiding a birthing for a human may not have been much like a cow’s

But he could help her more in that then a town


The old farmer had built his homestead far closer to the town than

Anyone else had ever dared

He’d seen his share of desperate people run towards that place

Illyria would just as soon drown a man as love him

But she had a tender heart for the lonely and the frightened


And Seraphina thanked him sweetly and she took the things he offered

Blankets and matches and the future delivery of her daughter

And she walked out of that place and into a rainstorm

Where she’d haunt that town until her own girl came of age


And maybe Illyria would have her mother’s pale rain eyes


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Just popping by

I actually haven’t had anything to say as of late so I skipped July. Maybe I’ll write something for this month… eventually…

Anyway, my local convention Avalon Expo is this month. So Ashley Harding Photography has been shooting promo videos. I’m the student nurse/Undertaker in the vid.

Check it out here at

Oh yeah, and I’m doing fast track nursing come September…..




Devinity’s Favourite Beauty Products

I adore makeup. It’s something I use on an almost daily basis and am constantly buying. It’s gotten to the point that they know me at the local Sephora. Makeup is also an important tool in creating the perfect cosplay look. Eyeshadow can be used to create alien skin tones, foundation and concealer can create the flawless skin of literally any fictional character and mascara and hairspray can be used to create stubble on a female cosplaying a male. So I thought that I would go through my favourite makeup products for May’s blog.

  1. Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

I love lipstick. It’s my absolutely favourite cosmetic item. I have almost every shade with only yellow excluded (I’m the wrong skin tone for it). I match my lipsticks to my clothes to the point that I always wear blues or aquas with my blue work dress and blacks, greys, crimsons or dark purples with anything that looks even slightly goth. And lipstick is an important player in cosplay because some characters have unusual skin tones. I’d much rather use a proper lipstick on my lips than costume paint. And my all-time favourite lipstick is Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick. It has a matte finish so it is drying. But it has a matte finish so it lasts all day long. And it comes in so many shades. I personally own shades in bright blue, black, light grey, two different types of crimson, red, pink, two types of purple, orange and a peachy pink that works as a nude on me. And there are more shades to come out this year. Gold shade I’m looking at you.


The collection so far


  1. Urban Decay Vice Special Effects Long-Lasting Water-Resistant Lip Topcoat

This product only has twelve shades on the market but they are amazing. They go on top of lipstick and change the shades of them. Most of the topcoats are tinted with colour and all have a sort of glitter in them. It creates an iridescent look. This is great for creating original looks. I paired a clear topcoat shade called Litter with a green-aqua lipstick one day and felt like a mermaid all day.


  1. Too Faced Sweet Peach Creamy Peach Oil Lip Gloss

In the vein of lip products let’s talk about Sweet Peach lip gloss by Too Faced. These lip glosses are tinted but I always found that lip gloss tint doesn’t really show up much. I like this product for when I cosplay men and need to have a more natural lip look. The gloss feels moisturizing and keeps the lips from looking dry and cracked. Also, the gloss is made from free peach oil so it smells and tastes delicious. I would recommend this product for people who don’t even enjoy makeup but want to keep their lips looking healthy.

  1. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water

If you have any experience with makeup past the basics of foundation, eyeshadow and lipstick then you know about your primers. There are your eye primers, your lip primers and your skin primers. The purpose of primers is to prep the skin before you put on makeup. Primers act as a sort of adhesive to help the makeup better stay on the skin. This also helps keep the makeup on the skin for extended periods of time. I’ve used the same eye and lip primers since I started getting serious in the makeup game but I’ve tried a lot of skin primers. And my favourite is the Photo Finish Primer Water by Smashbox. The primer is, given its name, a liquid. The bottle has a spray nozzle so you can spritz it all over your face. Then you just rub it in with your fingers into the skin. You could also use a makeup sponge I guess. But this stuff is so light weight and dries so quickly that I just like using my hands. The best part of its light weight formula is that it doesn’t feel like its clogging up the pores like some other primers.

  1. Tarte x Grav3yardgirl collab: Swamp Queen eye and cheek pallet with brush

This is my favourite eyeshadow pallet of all time. It has nine eyeshadow shades, a highlighter, a bronzer, a blush and a makeup brush. These are matte shades that are mostly neutrals with a couple of purples thrown in. Some are super shimmery. All are extremely pigmented. I haven’t really gotten to the blush as my cheeks are naturally pink anyway but I use the bronzer and highlighter as eyeshadows. If you’re cosplaying a character that has a smokey eye look but you prefer browns over blacks and greys or if you just want to look amazing then this is the pallet for you.

  1. Sephora Collection Solid Clean: Solid Brush Cleaner

Eventually you need to clean those makeup brushes. Bacteria can build up in the bristles and old makeup trapped in the brushes can change the look of what you’re applying to your face. The solid brush cleaner at Sephora is great. It’s a solid bar of soap and comes with a spikey silicon pad that you can rub your brushes over once you’ve dampened them and lathered them up with the soap. The pad helps remove makeup from the brush, adding an extra level of cleaning power. I literally tried it for the first time yesterday and was amazed at how clean my brushes came out. Almost all of them came out looking brand new.

  1. Olehenriksen Stay Balanced Oil Control Cleansing Clothes

So this product is actually a skin care product. But it’s one I bought at Sephora so into the list it goes. I got into this one when I was going to the gym and working out caused me to have super bad breakouts- my skin plus excess sweat are not friends. One of the Sephora sales girls recommended this to me when I came in to ask for solutions to my new gym going problem and I never had a bad workout related breakout ever again. You’re probably thinking “That’s dandy and all but how does it relate to cosplay?” Well, have you been to a big convention? They are hot. There’s so many people creating massive amounts of body heats, costumes don’t breathe and it’s usually a warmer summer or fall month. You are going to sweat. You are going to feel gross sometimes. These clothes will wick away the sweat leaving you feeling cleaner. They also have a cooling sensation so you’ll be refreshed. Unfortunately you can’t use this if you’re wearing makeup and aren’t ready to remove it yet. But if you are sweating and in full makeup you can invest in blotting paper or sponges. Those products absorb oil and grease which keeps your makeup from running. They don’t give a cooling sensation though.

So there you have it. My favourite beauty related products! What are yours?




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Convention Season is also a time to explore

Well, it’s con season again in St. John’s. And I did not go. Although I did continue my annual SFOTR tradition of going to an escape room at Escape Quest with my brother. He also did not attend SFOTR as he had to work all weekend and thus it made no financial sense to buy a pass. This meant that we did not attend the special Escape Quest event at the con. Instead, we headed down to the actual Escape Quest location on Duckworth. Grabbed some con-going friends and survived the Great Fire of 1892.

That happened Saturday and what a Saturday it was. My biannual “the seasons have changed” cold is upon me so April 29 was the day winter officially ended and spring began. It was a warm, sunny day and I was out on an adventure with the mother and the aunt. We ate at Jungle Jim’s, looked at crocuses in random downtown front yards, saw a random chicken, and went to Cape Spear to see the remains of an ice burg before it was time for me to meet up with the brother. Then brother, friends and I had a treat at Coffee Matters and went to brave the fire.

Which is all to say: cons are also a great way to check out local places!

Now, I’ve never con to the mainland just for a con. My friends and I usually stay a full week and take in the sights. Sometimes it’s touristy stuff, other times it’s the theatre. In the case of local convention Avalon Expo (year one) we went to the playground next to the building and played on the swings.

I’ve seen Linkin Park and Voltaire in concert, explored Casa Loma (a must see sight for any geek as many a movie was filmed there), visited some incredible shops and saw so many Broadway shows.

One of my favourite shows was an off-Broadway play called “Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812.” I recently learned that Phillipa Soo, the Natasha in our show, was the original Eliza Hamilton in the hit Broadway show “Hamilton”. She’s now performing in “Amelie.” So that’s almost the same as seeing “Hamilton” right? Actually, it’s better because the theatre we were in served food and we got to try the most God-awful beet drink. That was an experience! And Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams, Doctor Who) was also in the audience. We also saw shows like “Cats” (pretty good), “Rock of Ages” (amazing!), the” Lion King” (don’t bother) and the Blue Man Group (loud and messy but totally fun). I’ve been to two Cirque du Soleil shows on top of all of this.

If you are in Toronto, go to Stratford. Just do it. There’s a shuttle that picks you up in Toronto and takes you out to Stratford. I think it was $20 round trip? The Stratford Festival is known for Shakespeare so I saw “King Lear” with Colm Feore. That’s one of the tragedies and although I couldn’t catch all that Shakespeare talk, I was devastated at the end of it. Luckily, I also had tickets to “The Man of La Mancha” and that was beautiful, funny and mostly lighthearted (there was some dark scenes). It was a nice ending to a wonderful day of theatre.


Seriously. Go.


Travel is also a great time to get some culture in. And it can be weird culture too. Last time Mad Maddox and I were in Toronto we went to the Bats Shoe Museum. It’s filled with shoes. Just shoes. Well, there were a couple of dresses too. But it was predominately shoes. We also checked out the Gardiner Museum, Canada’s only museum that specializes in ceramics. There were some lovely pieces but there was also a special show on called “Clay is Gay.” It was an exhibit on gay artists. We saw a lot of dick that day. I can’t find any penis art photos so we must not have been allowed to take photos in that exhibit. I would have taken pictures if it was allowed. Some of those statues were pretty special.


These leg sculptures were in the Bata Shoe Museum


Visit Toronto Zoo or Ripley’s Aquarium if you love animals. Check out New York Botanical Gardens or Allan Gardens in Toronto if you love plants. Go to Medieval Times if you love food, horses and jousting. If you are a total morbid freak like me then there are graveyards! I have an entire tourist book on graveyards in New York and the various famous dead people in them. The girls and I personally checked out Woodlawn and it was amazing. There are as many dead people in Woodlawn as there are living people in the entire province of Newfoundland and Labrador.


I love how simple this tombstone is. Who’s Mama? Did she have a name or was she forever destined to be just a mother?


Obviously there are the traditional tourist destinations as well- CN Tower, Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island (which is haunted btw), the Empire State Building and The Rockefeller Center. Plus the traditional museums like the Museum of Natural History and The Royal Ontario Museum.

SFOTR and Avalon Expo are both downtown this year so you can go up to Signal Hill for drinks at the Newfoundland Chocolate Café and cosplay photos. There’s so many places to eat as well. You can go to Escape Quest like I did or check out the Rooms. Especially do these things if you aren’t living in St. John’s and are just visiting the cons.

Conventions are so much fun. But they are also crowded, hot and sometimes overwhelming. Break up that time with an adventure. It is both an enjoyable time and an enriching experience.



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Happy Birthday Sanji!

One of my favourite anime/manga series is pre-time skip ‘One Piece.’ In addition my favourite character from the series is Sanji. I’ve been watching the anime since my high school days and have even cosplayed the character at two different conventions. And it just so happens that our birthdays are one day apart. Mine was yesterday (March 1st) and Sanji’s is today. Given how slowly manga/anime time passes I am now no longer younger than Sanji. Indeed, I now have several years on him. Still, considering the closeness of our birthdays I thought it would be fun to write about him.

to pa 2 n 070

One Piece Cosplay, Anime North 2010

Now, I want to get it out of the way and state that I think of Sanji of a problematic fave. I have favourite characters that are pure evil, potentially rapist, face stealing assholes (like Pavi from ‘Repo! The Genetic Opera) and I would never feel the need to apologise for that. But Sanji is supposed to be the good guy so maybe he shouldn’t have certain traits. Like the fact that he’s actually super sexist. I know in recent chapters we have found out that Sanji doesn’t hit women because Zeff told him not too. But I think its sexist that he doesn’t hit women. Okay, hold up a second there and let me explain. Generally, men shouldn’t hit women. They are physically stronger in the upper body and carry more weight so there’s an advantage there. Also, society encourages aggression in men and weakness in women so men are more likely to know how to properly hit someone. So guys shouldn’t hit chicks. Unless that woman knows how to fight or is trying to murder you. Sanji should have made an exception and fought Kalifa in the Ennies Lobby arc. By not fighting her despite the fact that he needed to get Kalifa’s key in case it unlocked Robin’s handcuffs, Sanji basically endangered Robin’s life and any chance of saving her. And Kalifa is certainly weaker than Sanji but she could have held her own. What she doesn’t have in strength she has in technique and devil fruit powers. I think this problem is seen clearly when you contrast Sanji with Zoro. Zoro knows that it doesn’t matter if someone is a man or a woman. If they truly want something then they should do their best to achieve it. So Zoro was upset that he lost to Kuina so many times because he wanted to best her but he wasn’t upset to be losing to a girl. Because Kuina was better than him despite her gender. Sanji would never fight a woman, even if she wanted to fight just to become a more skilled combatant.

The womanizing doesn’t bother me. Sanji has never sexually harassed anyone, other than being a nuisance, so I don’t care that he acts like a desperate slut. Although it did get uncomfortable when he was mad that Absalom having the invisibility devil fruit made Sanji upset that he would never get to spy on women naked in the bath. There are lines you don’t cross Sanji. Just saying.

Then there’s the whole transphobia problem. I don’t like how Sanji sees MTF trans women as men. But given how he was chased around that bloodly island by a bunch of man-starved he-shes and then forced into a dress and the female gender, it’s hard to blame him. This is more a fault of Oda and the anime team’s writing than it is Sanji. I’ll be skipping the fillers for this part of the show from now on.

But 99% of the time I love this guy. Sanji is fiercely loyal, as seen by the fact that he was willing to give up on his dream of finding All Blue just to see Zeff’s dream of a sea restaurant succeed. This despite the fact that Zeff also believed in All Blue and wanted Sanji to live his own life. And now, in the current chapters, Sanji wants to save his family from Big Mom even though he should hate them.

Sanji is also full of love and concern. He wants to take all of Luffy’s pain and damage in the Thriller Bark arc so that Zoro doesn’t. He doesn’t want to see Zoro die. In the current arc, Sanji leaves the crew to protect them from Big Mom and his family. He’s just as depressed as everyone else when Usopp leaves the crew in the Water 7 arc. Sanji also has a giant martyr complex. Since meeting his father I know understand why Sanji thinks he’s the least important person in a room but it still makes me sad. Also, we all know from previous journal entries that I like depressed/suicidal characters the best.

I love that Sanji is a total dork on top of everything. Most of the time he’s this super cool, impeccably dressed Mr. Prince type of guy that is nothing but leg. And then he whips out the ugliest tropical shirts you ever did see, loses his goddamned mind over insects and spiders (made all the more dorky by the fact that Usopp isn’t bothered at all) and dreams of refrigerators with industrial locks on them. The dude is completely lame. It’s so cute.


Look at this dork in his pink shirt with weird flower pattern and orange goggles. Look and be embarrassed for him.


Sanji’s hot. I don’t have anything to add to that. Almost all of my favourite characters tend to be good looking males (especially a good looking male villain. Yum.). So that’s probably why I don’t mind that Sanji’s a womanizer. I’m a manizer I guess? Is there a female equivalent to the term womanizer?

I adore his shitty accidental ninja luck. I love how no one knows who he is. Bon Clay was able to copy all the Straw Hats’ faces but Sanji’s so Crocodile and Baroque Works didn’t know to look for him. The lens was still on the camera when the marines were taking photos of the crew for their wanted posters. Sanji’s poster looks like Duval instead. I understand why Sanji’s current wanted poster has his actual (hearts-in-eyes) face on it but it makes me sad that people now know what he looks like. It was super convenient for the Straw Hats to have a crew mate that could go out in public incognito and just get shit done. Then there’s the fact that Sanji always seems to be in the right place at the right time. Case in point: when he saw Robin getting on the train with CP9 so he followed.

And finally: I love how easy it is to ship Sanji with Zoro. I have a tendency to ship male characters with other male characters. This is probably because I usually prefer male characters over female. Or it’s because boys are cute together. I don’t really know why I like it. And I love characters that don’t get along or at least act like they don’t but still have the other’s back. Sanji and Zoro are always arguing- which makes for great sexual tension by the way- and yet care about each other. They both tried to take Luffy’s pain in the Thriller Bark arc. Sanji doesn’t want to see Mihawk kill Zoro during the Baratie arc. Zoro is concerned when Sanji hurts his leg fighting Kuma. They are both extremely skilled at their chosen fighting styles and are equals. They have each other’s backs. I like that.

So happy birthday Sanji. You’re a complicated mess of a human being and I love you for it.


Ps. Leave a comment telling me your favourite One Piece character.

Pss. Still not sold on the time skip story line.

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A Quick Game of Catch Up with Devinity: What I’ve been doing and what I hope to be doing in 2017

Well, we’re two months into the new year and I haven’t seen you all since I posted my best of 2016 list back in January. The closest I’ve come to cosplay and geekdom this year is sitting in a room while a bunch of people made steampunk Sailor Moon cosplays while I wrote up a lab report for my microbiology class.

Well, I did buy Neil Gaiman’s new book “Norse Mythology.” I haven’t started it yet as I’m currently reading “I’ll be damned” by Eric Braeden (Victor Newman on the soap opera “The Young and the Restless”).

So life has really been work, school, endless exhaustion, Trump-related frustration and cats. Today the cats got high. It was cute. Catnip makes everything better I think.

Yet good things are around the corner. Geek things. Movie geek things.


Yes, I am ridiculously excited for the Power Rangers movie. I can’t say I’m a Power Rangers fan and I doubt the shows are even watchable anymore. Power Rangers seems like something that only appeals to kids and adults suffer through it. But man, did my brothers and I ever love the classic series with Jason, Billy, Kimberly, Trini, Zack and Tommy. We had the merch, we saw all the movies, we pretended to be them. Pink was my favourite colour as a kid so Kimberly was my favourite. Youngest brother liked red so his was Jason and I don’t remember younger brother’s fave. Probably Zack? Yellow was his favourite colour at the time but yellow was a girl so it wasn’t Trini. And yes, we were the type of kids that picked our favourites on their gender. That’s the other reason Kimberly was my favourite. Although we all liked Billy and Zack.

So this new movie has some of that nostalgia kick to it. I also just want to see Bryan Cranston as Zordon. It looks like it’s going to be a good movie though. It seems like it’s going to be silly and fun and yet more serious than its source material.

I’ve ended up on a bit of a geek kick with the British royal family lately. Netflix had the “Victoria” film with Emily Blunt up. I find Victoria fascinating. There’s no real reason for it. I think it just comes down to the fact that Victoria was on the throne when Sir John A MacDonald and a bunch of other politicians went over to England to ask that Canada be allowed to be its own country. But the stuff in this movie was fascinating and I spent most of it on my phone, on Wikipedia, looking the stuff that was happening in the movie up. Like, Victoria was raised in isolation and wasn’t allowed any friends. Her mother and her mother’s advisor wanted Victoria’s power so they tried to make her weak and dependent on them. If you know anything about Queen Victoria then you know she was an incredibly stubborn and strong woman. I wonder was kind of domineering force she would have grown up to be if her mother tried to build her up instead of tear her down.

I haven’t been much involved in the geek community itself though. I have been living a self-contained life. Sci-Fi on the Rock is coming up in April and I still haven’t heard back about hosting any speed dating panels. I mean, I’d understand if they said no. I insult them at every opportunity. But I still deserve a rejection notice. I could also be rejected because I want to host three sessions and that may be troublesome to fit into the schedule if there’s a lot of panel requests.

Still, it was a few months ago that I sent in the application and other people know if they have panels going ahead. I’ll look into it.

I need to think of panels for Avalon Expo in August as well. It’s probably going to be three sessions of speed dating but I’d like to do something else as well. Not Romantically Apocalyptic because I’m still mortified about how the last one went over.

Well, thanks for reading my ramblings on my geek activities this year so far. Hopefully we’ll see some substantial stuff come March. Maybe a Powers Rangers review?



PS. What do you think I should do for a panel? Leave me a comment!

PSS. I bought the material for my goddess of death and suicide original character thing. Now for someone to tell me what to do.